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Reset Button not working on Minidock

  • @Chris-Stratton said in Reset Button not working on Minidock:

    Arguing about markdown is pointless, the content of useful information is the same either way. If you don't want to read this thread because you find it personally annoying, then don't.

    Yes .. right .. he just should read the guidelines and publish the high-resolution pictures of his Hardware, which onion.io wants to see if a RMA would be needed. @Chris-Stratton Maybe you will also see what could create the serial noise šŸ˜‰

    If he already made pictures he should be so kind and post the link. He wants help and it is his interest that it goes on with his problem.

    Keeping a bit order in a public forum has also todo with netiquette. There will be others with same problem after him. They like to find info fast and easy to read/understand.

  • @Chris-Stratton Maybe you will also see what could create the serial noise šŸ˜‰

    My instincts would be to check bad connections, power supply noise, and mismatched clocks.

    The latter especially from experience - on my other MT7688 system I do not get reliable results at 115200 but only at 57600, which many other MT7688 systems use as a default. It's especially prevalent when I have the MT7688 talking to a microcontroller, but happens sometimes with a USB serial converter (also a CP210x) talking to a PC.

    I've since discovered some clock divider settings in the MT7688 which can variously make the 115200 baud setting more or less accurate, so it's something I've been meaning to find time to look at in more detail.

    Main point is that you can wait for the vendor to do something, or you can make a targeted investigation of the failures. But just complaining about how people post in the threads they start about their own specific problem doesn't really help anyone.

  • 2_1486247127688_IMG_4280.JPG 1_1486247127688_IMG_4279.JPG 0_1486247127687_IMG_4278.JPG
    Image of the omega2+ in question.

  • actually i don't mind formatting a little. its just that i don't know what you want me to format and there's no obvious example in the compose ? link
    instead of starting a new thread, you should just have someone put them in the compose ? link

    if u just tell me straight forward what to do, instead of telling me to worry about markdown, i would have done it instead of feeling more frustrated having to read up something that doesn't helps the dire situation

  • with my previous experience on NanoPi Neo Air, (which requires 5v/2A)
    i do understand that different cable might carry different power to the device.
    the current cable i use here in the picture is the one that work best for the Nanoi Neo Air, able to let me connect via serial without any problem

    any cable i own that i label as lesser grade won't even power up the omega2+ in the minidock.

    i might go and buy even better cable but i doubt its the cable's fault here

  • @Chris-Stratton by mismatch clock, its the clock in the serial chip right ?
    if its the chip in question, i think its better for me to wait for the vendor to do something.

    I came across in another thread that someone attempt to connect the omega2+ to a raspberry pi using cable.
    i tried that but seems like nothing turning up.
    i connected rx to tx and tx to rx and also both ground.
    the OS configuration wise, i use the same configuration like plugging in a gsm board which my program uses serial to talk to.

    unfortunately i don't have any serial to usb adapter so i can't test with one

  • @dennis-ctp said in Reset Button not working on Minidock:

    unfortunately i don't have any serial to usb adapter so i can't test with one

    Any Arduino's knocking about?

  • @Costas-Costas
    unfortunately no šŸ˜¢

  • @dennis-ctp , after making you nuts about formatting and uploading pictures i finaly had found the time testing both of mine mini-docks:

    Here my results

  • resolved with a promised from onion that the minidock will be replace.

    however they refuse to replace the GPS dock (extra capacitor not locking issue) because they say its the vendors fault in a "miscommunication"
    a very irresponsible reason if you ask me.

    its definitely not due to my miscommunication with the vendor and why proper QA not been done on the GPS dock and removes the extra capacitor before its send to all users ?

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