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Using Markdown to format posts for better clarity

  • When making a post on the forum, your post can be formatted using markdown
    Do so will make your post easier to read and if you are asking a question and presenting a lot of information (particularly code snippets, file contents etc.) it will make it easier to read and more likely to elicit a helpful response from others if it is well presented and clear to access - it is all about clarity of communication šŸ™‚

    If you are unclear as to how to use markdown at the top right of the window in which you type your post, you will see:


    clicking on the

    will take you to a reference to the page http://commonmark.org/help/ that outlines the use of markdown

  • p.s. was so busy i not saw your request ... so i add it here and delete mine ... you can delete your answer too and everyone is happy ... hope also the down vote boy (just can be the turkey boy ore one of those i made angry today šŸ™‚ )

    Here (left side) in the compose window you have on the top right corner a question mark. This helps you to get to the markdown help any time !

    Don't forget:

    1. Complete, short but precise information is helpful. Read the Guidelines carfuly.

    2. High-resolution & sharp pictures are very helpful if they show all solder spots possible (front and vice versa). This is very important if you ask for RMA (return merchandise authorization).

    3. If someone is annoying you just reply with a smile :-), in the end he/she tries to speed up your request. Most users are clients from onion.io and volunteer, sharing their knowledge.

    4. Take it easy, but take it!

    0_1486255869712_Compose window.png

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