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Omega 2+ 0.1.9 b149 Safari on iPad iOS 10.2.1 shows blank screen for Web App

  • The web console doesn't render on the iPad Air iOS 10.2.1 in Safari.
    I am able to see it on a Mac with Firefox
    Not sure if it's a known issue. I kind of got spoiled with the original Omega and my iPad working together.
    Is there a list of know issue for Omega 2+?

  • Same issue here

  • Try going to or /console on whatever hostname or ip is relevant to your situation

    The front page appears to try to contextually direct you to either /setup-wizard or /console in an iframe but seems to do so in a way that lets Apple browsers get to the setup but not the console.

    Once you are into the device, you could relatively easily customize the /www/index.html for example in the body section you could add

    <a href="/console">Click here to go to the console</a>

    I'm sure someone who has real experienced with dynamic web content could probably figure out and fix the real issue; fortunately this is all in source form on the device so it's more open to 3rd party fixes.

  • Does the same on FireFox on iOS as well. I am not sure it likes mobile browsers. It may come down to a browser check, but I never bothered going much further.

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