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Unofficial 'Omega Arduino Dock 2' schematic diagram

  • There's no official drawing so I made one for myself.
    I hope it's faultless but it will probably alter because I'll try to make it better

    As usual: The design is provided "AS IS" and "WITH ALL FAULTs". etc.
    Enjoy! :slight_smile:

    • U1 TI TXS0108E 8-bit non-inverting bi-directional level-shifting, voltage translator
      20 pin TSSOP

    • U2 ATmega328P AU Atmel microcontroller
      32 pin TQFP

    • U3 is a Transient Voltage Supressor / Surge Protector
      SMD marking code: '20' rotated '66' or '99' lovercase 't'
      Drawing is not to scale.
      I couldn't find it. Any idea?

    • U4 is a synchronous step-down (buck) voltage regulator
      Manufacturer's logo: Advanced Analogic Circuits (?)
      SMD marking code: G4
      I couldn't find it. Any idea?
      Axelite AX3503 marking code is 'G4' too
      It can be equivalent to TD6811.
      What is the marking code of TD6811?

    • Q1, Q2 are general purpose NPN transistors
      SMD marking code: J6 (eg. S9014)

    • SMD capacitors: these are the ordinary values (ie. suppositions only)

    IOREF (POWER 2 ) also is tied up to +5V
    I2C SDA and SCL are connected to AD 5 and 6 (respectively) too

    USB connection without a dock
    This is the right pin numbering of the TVS (U3 on the original sch).
    I'll correct the schematic.


  • Thanks Farkas,

    Nice schematic and yes I have a voltage meter. But, while I have experience using these boards, I have no desire to become an electronics engineer and I'm not going to start poking around on the PCB. Dev boards like this should work on delivery for the market they are intended. I won't even begin on the many other issues I encountered 'Getting Started' with Onion. I will say that they have a long way to go before this is a 'stable' platform like the Pi or similar products. Still holding out.......

    Waiting for some advice or RTV authorization for the Arduino Dock from the Onion team.



  • @György-Farkas
    I've corrected some errors.

    Update 17-06-10
    ...and made some new errors 😞
    In the new files only the R, C components are renumbered.



  • @György-Farkas , i just noticed this thread for first time and will download and refer to it while focused on the arduino dock. thank you for the effort in making the documents and sharing your work. i appreciate that.

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