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To Upgrade or Not?

  • I see in the file: Index of /omega2/images/ the latest is b155 for the 2p. But if I do a oupgrade -c, or just oupgrade, the response shows I'm up to date with b151. This is confusing by releasing b155, but the above command shows b151 as the latest.

  • They may only be up there for testing purposes. If you HAVE to get the 155 ver, do a WGET on the file and then use "sysupgrade /path/file' to upgrade to the firmware you just downloaded.

    Personally, depending on your familiarity and comfort level, I would leave it at whatever the official release is returned from the oupgrade command and wait until the versions are made official. That is where I am right now.

  • @Brad-Buskey
    Think you're correct. I'll just wait. Don't need any new glitches!
    How's your GPS add-on for the weather project coming. Should get the OLED expansion any day now.

  • @Don-DeGregori It's going well. My next little project is to get it hooked up to IFTTT so I can kick off a check from the phone or apple watch.

  • @Brad-Buskey

    Terrific! Stick around. You're a good guy to know.

  • @Don-DeGregori , just for your knowledge, if you want to try once the newest use -f (force newest). As you work might be "stable", other want the newest so they use it for "testing".

    It is not just making glitches ... it is make things better šŸ˜‰

  • @Luciano-S.
    I know that, but nature of this business is almost impossible to test all variations of the theme. I'm sure glad many very smart people are doing just that, both at Onion and here in the Community.
    Thank You!

  • If you are just experimenting, backup your customizations and try whatever you like. As long as nothing touches the U-Boot partition you should be able able to revert with the aid of serial and USB or wired ethernet.

    If you are making something that needs to be consistent, then you need to be building from source with the ability to control which specific improvements/alterations/breaks of things that used to work go into the configuration you use.

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