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Issues Installing Packages to SD Card

  • Hi,

    I've been trying to install some packages to the SD card.
    I found a tutorial for opkg on how to do it and added /tmp/mounts/SD-P1 as a dest in the opkg.conf file.

    dest sd /tmp/mounts/SD-P1

    Now I can issue the command:
    opkg --dest sd <package> which seems to work but at the end of installation opkg reports:
    cannot create symlink <package specific symlinks> operation not permitted

    Afterwards I can't run the program presumably because the symlinks failed to be created. For example running:
    python /tmp/mounts/SD-P1/test.py
    results in python: not found.

    I tried reinstalling the packages but during the reinstallation it doesn't report the symlink errors but the programs still won't run.

    Does anyone have any ideas how to do this?


  • I would say you have to use your sd card as boot device. Then the programs will be stored also on the sd card.

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