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Omega 2+ on Expansion Dock in a Case

  • I had a case I found on Thingverse (link will be below) from someone on here, I believe, and the thing is great, though a couple of the measurements are a tad off, as in a millimeter here or there. And I have a feeling it was the printer, but there is not much tension holding the top and bottom of the case together well, there is some movement. HOWEVER! It is freaking awesome!

    Omega Onion Case for Expansion Dock - ElmoC

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • Hi Brad

    I also printed the Omega case by ElmoC. It is a great case, although there doesn't seem to be consideration for the MicroSD card. A small amount of fettling was required to make it all fit. I removed the small pillar between the microUSB and fullUSB ports and all is great.

    In order to hold the 2 halves together, I clamped them together and then painted the side clips with acetone. Once dried it all stays together really well, If I want to remove the Omega2 from the case then it is easy enough to break the tabs off and then reprint. I am using mine for OctoPrint, I intend adding a camera from a laptop.

    I will post a picture of my case later today.

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