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Omega2+ does not power-down by command and can't change default password

  • I started playing around with the just-arrived Omega2+ and I noticed the following:

    1. poweroff and power-down commands both reboot the omega instead of shutting down.
    2. Password change made in Settings -> Security Settings in the console is never saved (forces me to use the default password).

    Firmware version is 0.1.10 (b160) R1

    Are these known problems and are there any fixes?


  • @Rajeev-B
    The second one is already listed, the first one isn't, but is common knowledge in this community, and should be listed.

    Workaround for the second one, use console terminal, ssh o serial connection, and use passwd.

  • The hardware is not capable of powering itself down.

    At best the firmware could be made to halt, perhaps a slowed clock and an infinite loop or at the outside an actual execution halt.

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