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How can I get the source code of Omega2's firmware?

  • Hi Omega Team,

    How can I get the source code of Omega2's firmware?
    Is it open source?

    Thank you!

  • @David-W
    oooh dear, wish it was that easy.
    Nonetheless, you can build your custom firmware from LEDE sources (they have Omega2 support), but you lose some features, like the wifi driver, the wifi setup tools, etc.

    For that I recommend 2 options:

    • If you have a linux machine and would like to develop natively: @WereCatf 's source repository, with a first_time_setup.sh file to ease the start.
    • If you know Docker and want to keep your host machine clean, I have a Docker project with (almost) everything set up to start building firmwares. Check my signature for that. The almost note is because I still have to add Onion feeds to Docker. Reading the comments you will find instructions to do it manually until I add it to the Dockerfile.

    If you want some source code, here is Onion's repo.

  • @José-Luis-Cánovas Hello Jose, So kind of you! Thank you so much! You save my life.

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