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Cross Compiler .config?

  • I was just looking at the wiki post about setting up the cross compiler environment for making custom flash binary files. It tells you how to add packages and set the onion target. But it makes no mention as to whether or not it is necessary to add in the onion specific files to the configuration or not. Are they included in the default .config if you follow those instructions or is there a copy of the .config you use in building the default image(s) somewhere?

  • @Scott-W-Wood the wiki is for Omega 1, not Omega2/+

    Check @WereCatf 's source directory, specially first_time_setup.sh and my docker project on info about how to build from LEDE.
    The OnionIoT repository is not ready yet, they will publish the source code in the future*.

    Hopefully the docs will include cross compilation soon.

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