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Omega2+ bridged Wi-Fi is too slow

  • I have set up my Omega2+ as a Wi-Fi range extender, and have connected an external antenna for it.
    Since MT7688 supports only 1T1R, it should be able to deliver 150Mbps.
    The basic rate between the source Wi-Fi AP and Omega2+ is 72Mbps, and the same applies for my computer connected to Omega2+.
    This configurations make sense, because the total bandwidth the Omega2+ is using is 144Mbps, which is about 150Mbps.
    So the this setting should be able to deliver about 36Mbps, but the tests shows only about 10Mbps.
    I have searched openwrt settings for wireless and network, but I had no luck with it.
    Should I connect an external USB Wi-Fi dongle for faster bridge?

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