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Lucida, Open Source IPA on Omega 2 - Any tips?

  • Hi Onion Community,

    Thank you for clicking on my post. As indicated in the title, I want to use my onion purchase to build an AI to study with me for the bar exam. I’ve taken the bar exam, with BarBri (the best and most expensive bar prep program), but I didn’t pass. This is because the way I learn best is not available in traditional study tools or program.

    I thrive off discussion, but trying to find someone to talk to me up to 12 – 16 hours a day, every day, for three months, is next to impossible. (For those of who think this is insane; you’re right. Granted, that is how bar studying works.)

    In time, I’d like to market my device for other people with learning disabilities or whatever, so they can succeed as well.

    Basically, I need an IPA who can function like a person. Ask questions, absorb knowledge, and respond naturally in a conversation.
    Recently, I thought I’d purchase IBM’s Wastson, but I’d need to build Waston from the ground up, and he still won’t be ready for me to study for the bar. In addition, Waston is a monthly subscription. In truth, the price is fantastic, but I have a feeling this will take years.

    Thus, I thought maybe I’d use Lucida (formerly Siriux, University of Michigan’s) Open Source IPA). I’ve got a demo up and running, but honestly I have no idea what I’m doing. As such, I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed.

    Can anyone help?

    For reference, I am including two links below:

    Lucida homepage

    Lucida Download

    Thank you for giving me a few moments of your time.


  • This may not be a very sensible plan, as the Omega2 doesn't really have any user interface

    Port it to a phone; port it to a tablet; port it to a cloud VM, port it to a javascript VM running it in the browser... but run it someplace where you can interact with it sensibly.

  • Alright. Thanks for the heads up. I wonder if I can build a user interface on the Omega2. Otherwise, I'm going to need to figure something out.

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