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[resolved] Console Terminal not working

  • I seem to have a recurring problem with the Console Terminal. When I eventually connect with the Omega2+ (which in itself is another frustrating problem), I can connect to the Console and the various options.

    When I click on the Terminal icon, the Terminal screen appears. Only the top line with the header "Terminal" appears on a dark gray background appears. Below this line is a white screen. Nothing works after that. I can only go back by clicking on the menu icons on the left side of the screen.

    I have seen how the Console Terminal is supposed to work because it has worked in the past. This has happened on two Onion2+ units that I now have. I don't want to proceed with the others I have until I can fix this problem.

  • Resolved with wifisetup
    Connected to PuTTy via USB and did wifisetup
    Everything is back to normal, except for DNS issues.
    It does not recognize omega-xxxx.local. I have to enter IP addresses. I can live with that for now.

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