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Youtube Videos - Onion Walk through?

  • Hi Onioners,

    I just got my tracking number for my order, so I'm stoked. That said, I saw Onion provided a written guide to setting up and running the Omega2. That said, I'm more of a monkey-see-monkey-do type of person.

    If anyone has the time, and its not too much trouble, can you please upload a walk-through video on YouTube?
    Anything would be nice: setting it up, setting in up with a particular board, step-by-step projects, anything.

    I've been wanting to ask, but I've been a bit hesitant, but I saw Google's Teacher's Day shout out, so it gave me that extra push.

    Again, I know there is documentation on the matter, but I work better by seeing and hearing (and then doing).

    Thank you for giving me a few moments of your time.


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