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Power switch flew off.

  • Just received my board and attempted to power it on. The tab for the power switch on the dock snapped off and flew off across the room and I now have no way of powering it on. Would it be possible to get a replacement?

  • Hi @Brett-Shipes I'm also really sorry about the broken switch. We have looked into the issue and it seems that the part we used for the switch is very poorly made. Although there's very little we can do with the current version of the docks, we have already found a replacement component to use for the next revision of the docks. In the mean time, the best way seems to be turning the switch using a needle. Would you be able to try that and see if you are able to maneuver the switch to the ON position?

  • Ok guys but the problem is that the minidock I received today is absolute unusable... the switch at the first attempt was broken and now I'm not able to use it. How can I do? you couldn't check for this part before using at a large scale? I don't know how to use the Onion... and if I buy another dock I have to wait not less than a couple of weeks šŸ˜ž

  • Hi @Andrea-Delle-Chiaie, I am really sorry about the poor quality of the switch! We actually did test the switches when were were building the prototypes for the Omega. Unfortunately, the supplier for the switches was very dishonest. The samples they gave us were high quality, so the samples we built didn't have any issue, but they gave us switches made with recycled material with the actual production orders. After this incident we have cancelled our engagement with the previous supplier, and we will be working with another supplier with a much better reputation in Shenzhen. We will also make sure that each switch be tested after the manufacturing process to ensure something like this won't happen again.

    Once again I'm really sorry about our oversight for resulting in this poor experience.

  • Oh no...sounds like we are going to be the victims of early release of this product. Funny thing just got mine in early December of 2015 and would think the new switches would have been in place. Hey are you all knowingly getting rid of the bad expansion docks. Was really getting into working with my Omega but now with the switch busted can't get it to turn on.
    If I do get it turned on what will disconnecting with power on do to the unit will wait to hear from you before trying.

  • @Rudy-Trujillo You can turn the Omega off just by unplugging. That's what the power switch does anyways, just to cut the power.

    All expansion docks that are shipped starting in January will have high quality switches. Sorry about that!

  • Did exactly what was suggested. In my case the needle from blood test kit worked fine. Having gotten a confirmation that unplugging it from power will do it no damage I am back on the road.

  • @Boken-Lin said:

    In the mean time, the best way seems to be turning the switch using a needle. Would you be able to try that and see if you are able to maneuver the switch to the ON position?

    I certainly tried to do this with no luck, and any more messing with it would likely cause more damage. Per your exchange policies I would need to pay to ship this back to China which would cost more than buying a new one after never getting it to work in the first place. As of now, I wouldn't so much call this a poor experience as much as a waste of time and $30.OnionDockPowerSwitch.jpg

  • Hi @Brett-Shipes, I'm very sorry about wasting your time. It is our fault for failing to ensure a quality in our manufacturing process. Would you please just try turning the switch with a pin one more time as shown below. If that does not work we will give you a full refund.

    Broken Switch

    The red arrow points to the location where the switch has broken off. What you should try to do is to use the tip of the needle to push it to the right to the ON position. Another thing that I have noticed is that your Omega isn't fully plugged into the dock. So it could be that you have already turned the switch to the ON position, but as a result of the improper connection between the Omega and the Dock, it wasn't able to turn on. So please push the Omega all the way into the Dock before trying to turn the switch with a pin.

    Thank you for your patience in dealing with us, and I apologize again for wasting your time.

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