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Read value from MAX6675 K-type probe for food from Onion2+

  • I say that they are the first weapons in the world of IoT.
    I would like to use Onion2+ for a barbecue temperature control project.
    I already have a MAX6675K module that communicates via SPI that can detect the temperature from a K-type probe for food.
    The spi-tool utility to read the temperature value requires an address, how do i know what is the correct one to use.
    Is there a way to understand on what address is the probe value read?

    Whether on raspberry pi 3 or Arduino I can read the value of the world but do not need any address.


  • The address is the register address you are reading. You can usually find this in the part datasheet. There are some issues with Onion SPI still.

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