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Shared Memory and Semaphore on Omega2

  • Hi everyone,

    currently I'm working with semaphores and shard memory functionalities on the omega. Which seems to work fine, as the results of my two processes are correct.

    However I can't find a command on the omega to retrieve the IPC list, as I'm used to get on my host pc. On my host machine (Linux Debian 8 ) I'm able to use the "ipcs" command with the used semaphore and shared memory.

    Can anyone help?

  • I think that the ipcs command was not enabled with busybox in the stock Omega2 image. Only way to enable this, is to create a custom image and enable that feature for busybox.

  • @Johannes-Kuhnert-Roca
    The "full" BusyBox v1.26.2 has an ipcs function/applet too, unfortunately I haven't tried it yet.
    (Lastly I replaced Omega's busybox cp /root/busybox-mipsel /bin/busybox and made some symlinks.)

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