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Beware International Shipping Duty Fees

  • Last week I was excited to learn that the Onion store shipped internationally. It was also appreciated that there was a 2-Bullet Tuesday discount. I ordered a dock and some proto expansions, but I was a little disappointed that for a $24 USD order that shipping was $15 USD (to Canada). If I had ordered just the $15 worth of proto expansions then the shipping would have been only slightly cheaper.

    I received the package yesterday, on a holiday. A pleasant surprise! What wasn't so pleasant was the $16 USD in duty charges from DHL. Yep, DHL. šŸ˜ž

    It's unreal that had I purchased $15 in proto expansions, I would have had to pay about $15 in shipping, and then $15 in duty. 3 times the original cost.

    So while it's nice that there is now international shipping. Beware of duty/brokerage charges on your end. This cost is NOT reflected on your receipt from onion.

  • i'm wondering if there is a online retailer in canada?. i thought i saw one .
    ABRA Electronics Corp (Canada)

  • Yup, DHL is simply awful. I would definitely have thought twice about ordering if I'd realized Onion went with DHL.

    My order should be here this week, I'm not at all looking forward to seeing how much extra DHL is going to get me for.

  • Pleased to report that mine arrived a few days ago through regular Canada Post. No additional fees or anything from DHL. No idea what the difference was. Sorry to hear you got dinged with extra fees.

  • This is a very old thread, but I thought it's worth to give another heads up, especially for us Europeans, having the Onion products shipped from the US through regular post. I paid 48.98ā‚¬ for an Omega2 Pro (shipping included). Our post man charged me another 34.81ā‚¬ taxes and duties. Imagine that - 71% worth of taxes!

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