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Anyone Successful Using BLE Dongle, Bluez and PulseAudio?

  • I've been trying to get the Onion BLE dongle to work as a connection to some bluetooth speakers. Using opkg, I've installed bluez-libs, bluez-utils, pulseaudio-daemon and pulseaudio-tools. But I have not been able to make it all work.

    I can get the BLE dongle up and running (using hciconfig hci0 up). I can then use the various subcommands of bluetoothctl to locate my BT speakers and pair with them. But I cannot connect to them. It always just reports a generic failure.

    As for pulseaudio, I can get the daemon up (using pulseaudio --start -D) but it crashes after responding to a query with pacmd list. (The list shows no inputs, no outputs and no sound cards.)

    Has anyone gotten farther?

  • I guess not. I reluctantly conclude this stack of stuff doesn't work. Too bad. Time to see if I can find something else to do with an Omega 2+.

  • Beta Tester

    David, did you check out the project in the new Omega2 Project Book, Vol 1? There is a BT Speaker project starting on page 277.

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