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anyone able to install PyBluez on their Omega2+?

  • I've installed EVERYTHING I can think of but when I try to...
    pip install pybluez

    It downloads (or gets from cache) starts the process and then fails in the end with Error 1 in /tmp/pip-build-3KOehz/pybluez/

    This is VERY frustrating that I cannot write any python code to work with the bluetooth adapter.

    And by the way... the device exists and is functioning based on hciconfig.

    Any thoughts or insights would be greatly appreciated.

  • REALLY? Has NO ONE tried to install PyBluez on the Omega2?
    I can't believe I'm the only one trying to use Python to interact with Bluetooth.
    How about someone from Omega/Onion? Any advice on why this install is failing???

  • might want to see if either of these commands might help you,
    pip install –upgrade setuptools
    pip install ez_setup
    also, setting up a swap file if you do not already have one, is a good practice.

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