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Onion's AP doesn't work

  • Today I got my onion 2 board. Plugged Vin to 3.3v 500 mA. LED is off. I was waiting about 5 minutes, nothing changed. I used drop down regulator ams1117-3.3, which has up to 7V of Vin and Vout 3.3v up to 800 mA. My input source is 5v 500mA. Increased input source up to 1A and led is on, but I see a strange behaviour. When I powered it the led was on about 10 seconds after that it started blinking. About 20 minutes have passed and it still blinking, moreover It's blinking that stops blinking, led is off, than led is on for a few seconds and start blinking again. Since I have powered this I haven't seen AP something like Omega-XXXX

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  • Yes, first of all I looked at the guide above. Nothing happened to me.

    A few times my board is stabilized and I found this access point, but couldn't setup my wifi. usually I can't connect to board (led is always blinking). I tried to reset board tied RST pin to 2.5v pin for about 10 seconds, my issue stayed unresolve. Even though I connected to the board, I usually was losing my connection even I didn't do anything.

  • @Luciano-S. said in Onion's AP doesn't work:

    Help us help you by giving us the information we need to troubleshoot!

  • @Ilya-Mordasov

    There is no Vdd25 pin in Omega2.

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