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Can't register new Omega2+

  • I am walking through the initial setup of my brand new Omega2+ and was able to get through the WIFI setup just fine. The next step asks me to register my device on the cloud. I have an onion.io account already and it's been verified.

    I enter my onion.io credentials. I see a brief multicolor background with a cog wheel on it, and then the login page comes back up. There is no error on the page, no messaging saying my credentials or login are invalid. I get stuck in this loop of never being able to register the device on the cloud.

    I have verified my credentials by logging in to my onion.io account in a separate browser tab and it works just fine. I just can't get the device to register, so I have to skip.

    Not sure what to do at this point.

  • next time you try to register when you get to the point where the login reappers do the login and then after the cog appears hit F5 to reload the page and see if that helps. for one of my devices i had the same problem and i thought it was not registered but turned out it was and the page saying so just was not loaded and by reloading the page it brings you to the current state of showing being registered. at least that is what happened on one of my omega2+ devices.

  • So for whatever reason, the register page doesn't work in chrome. I tried it in firefox and it seems to work, albeit in a tiny tiny popup js window.

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