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Can I completely wipe this thing and start over?

  • I got my device several months ago and for a few weeks had fun getting it up and running, but then set it aside for awhile after getting into a state where I'd given up on what I was trying to do. Now I'd like to dust it off and bring it back to life.

    But, here's the thing - somewhere along the line I lost my web gui. I think I broke a symlink or something, because when I hit all I get is a ".." and "/lib" option, like it's pointing to a directory that still exists but no longer has any content. Since I haven't touched the device in awhile I'd like to make sure I start with any flash updates, and that's the easiest way I know to get them.

    There's nothing that I did to it that I can't recreate, so, can I completely factory reset this thing so that whatever it came with originally, I'm back to that state? Or, barring that, is there a way that I can get the web ui back? If I can find the files hiding on my external storage because I moved them incorrectly, where do I put them back?

  • that may just be a bad console app which you can re-install to make it as before. then again it could be something else but i would start with a fresh install of console. i think you have to uncheck some things in the repo list to get it to download but do a search on console to see if it is already on the unit.

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