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Sporadically lose communication with Omega2+

  • It seems like every few days to a week I can't connect to my Omega. I have a node web server running and I get a "ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE" message from the browser and a "No route to host" error when I try ssh. I can, however, switch my computer's wifi to the Omega's network and gain access both through the browser and ssh via its address of (not localhost or But it still refuses to connect upon switching back to the home network.

    I can see the Omega when I log on to my router - I've also assigned it a static IP address.

    So far I've been restarting the Omega to get back to normal, but this doesn't seem like a good long term solution. I just thought today to connect via the Omega's wifi network, so now at least I have hope to figure out what's going on if I can get help for what kind of diagnostics to run.

  • @Martin-Oberg

    isn't it the same behaviour than mine ?
    See the post below and particularly mine from today June 3.


    maybe you have same pb than me.
    Not yet a solution but searching.

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