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Suggestion for Powerdock

  • I'm not sure where I should put this.
    Anyway, I wanted to suggest for the Powerdock to use a charger circuit that works for LiFePo batteries.
    There are some can be selectively set/soldered to work for either LiPo or LiFePo.
    The former are the ones that you are to never charge unattended, discharge unattended or store anywhere near something flammable.
    The latter (LiFePo) are considered a lot safer and less likely to start burning.

    I would love to attach a battery, but even if you buy a "good" one it's still a lot riskier to use LiPo batteries. And of course I'd like to use it as a tiny UPS and put the Omega somewhere where I'm not around all day.

    What to do? Build an iron or ceramic casing? Use a safer type of battery?
    Honestly, I like the second idea. they cost like very little more than the less safe ones, so this would be OK.

    I've seen that they're also easier to charge and that cheap charger circuits for like $3 are perfectly able to switch between the two types.

    I'm not sure if the electronics on the PowerDock couldbe modified, but I wanna suggest it as at least a long-term improvement.

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