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kmod-spi-gpio-custom package not installable

  • Hello,

    As it seems the built-in SPI port on the Omega2 has so many deficiencies, it becomes unusable. The remaining option is a software SPI. Onion provides some libraries which should ease the task. Im using those and get to an executable file by means of cross compilation. However, when running, it, the package kmod-spi-gpio-custom is needed. When I try to install it through opkg, it gives me a dependency error. Apparently the package has been compiled for kernel 4.4.74, whereas the kernel included in the latest omega2 fw release is 4.4.46. Any idea on how to work around this?

    Otherwise said: can anyone (including @administrators ) provide a working spi driver c code on Omega2? (I cant).

    Thanks beforehand for the help,

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