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Product not delivered and no response for my queries

  • I Placed an order on June 19, 2017. Till now there's no status update and no response for my email. And the best part is there's no way to cancel or apply refund. I don't know what happened to the support team.

    Order #8966 was placed on June 19, 2017 and is currently Processing.

    Order details
    Product Total
    Omega2+ × 2 $18.00
    Arduino Dock R2 × 1 $20.00
    Expansion Dock × 1 $15.00
    OLED Expansion × 1 $15.00
    Omega2 Project Book Vol1 × 1 $ 0.00
    Breadboard Dock × 1 $10.00
    Subtotal: $78.00
    Shipping: Free shipping
    Payment method: PayPal
    Total: $78.00

  • I placed my order on June, 10th. Up to yesterday it was in status processed. Now they declare it as completed, but I have never received the articles. I think it really takes some time and the delivery might be held by customs. As far as I remember my last order took a long time for delivery, too

  • Same problem. I placed my order on May #13, it's huge, costs $112.00. Still waiting for package.

    But I can't even check order status. My card was charged, I received e-mail with order number (#5546). But https://onion.io/my-account/orders/ says "No order has been made yet".

    Tried to contact support but has not received any answer for a week.

  • @Community
    I wish to thank Onion, because this morning they sent me shipping information. My parcel is held by the local customs in Austria. So it might take another 10 days. I am looking forward to using the docks

  • @Vishnu-Vardhan-V
    Yesterday I got my delivery. So it took about a month including customs processing. I think this is ok. Obviously order completed means shipped. After my request they provided a tracking number. So the shipping process was transparent, although some patience was needed

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