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  • Hi

    Are there any plans for a substitute to the Hologram cellular expansion (no longer supported/avail. as I understand)


    anyone in the community has realized a project with another cellular module from scratch?
    Edit: Maybe with the Adafruit Fona Mini GSM breakout?


  • @Martin-Zwigl Maybe with fona (I have 1 each 2g and 3g to test) on the uart and reference some of the raspberry pi python setups? I'm kinda giving up on ever receiving the expansion from the KS as they are no longer responding on there. I'm wondering if refunds are in order for those of us who paid for the expansion and never received it. I did just test the "initialstate" setup with pi zero and fona 2g and it's up and running...may not be too difficult to port that over. Last I messed with the 002+ I had problems and put it away. Might pull it out and try again.

  • @Martin-Zwigl there is particle electron. has both 2g and 3g models. although my 2g unit has, it seems, in my neighborhood become a thing of the past. anyway, particle electron is well made device with decent capabilities. not too expensive, i think it was about $60 for 3g.

  • That's terrible news if this is cancelled. Is there a link to the cellular expansion campaign?

  • I do have to agree with Douglas Kryder regarding particle electron. I have a couple and they are incredibly easy to work with as far as cellular setups go. I haven't tried yet but I'm thinking that possibly using a hologram, ting, or other sim in the electron may resolve the 2g issues depending on whether there's 2g available from other carriers in the area.

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