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Tool to access hardware PWM

  • Just created tool to access hawdware PWM on Omega2: https://github.com/ClusterM/omega2-pwm

    For some reason Omega2 has not any util to control hardware PWM. There is only fast-gpio tool, it uses software PWM which is awful for sound generation.


    Channel #0 is pin #18, channel #1 is pin #19. Channels #2 and #3 are available on Omega2S only (UART2 pins).

    Before usage you must set GPIO muxing using omega2-ctrl tool:

    omega2-ctrl gpiomux set pwm0 pwm


    omega2-ctrl gpiomux set pwm1 pwm

    Then use this tool:

    pwm <channel> <frequency> [duty]

    Example to generate 3000Hz on channel #1 with 50% duty:

    pwm 1 3000 50

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