@peter-garner-0 i would think that in the process of somehow getting the chip high enough to put this jack under the chip that the chip would then be high enough to easily remove it with the generic extraction tool. however, if you could devise a frame that would support the jack above the chip, or really, basically on top of the chip [for reference the jack would be upside down at this point] with an end clamp to hook under each end of the chip it might work . the jack would be extended at first and in the process of retracting it would pull the chip uniformly. truth be known i suggested this to a room full of techs and an instructor 40 years ago and i suggested somehow clamping the frame to the edges of the pcb and have the jack be on a rail system on x/y axis so it could move to any location as well as the jack be able to freely rotate.and then got high after class and forgot about it. i've never seen one of these gizmos show up anywhere yet so i figured there is something real simple about why the concept won't work and i'm just dumb enough not to see it.