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Are there GPIO´s for handling LED lights of a Ethernet connector in the Onion?

  • I want to connect a RJ45 connector in a PCB and the idea is to manage it with the Onion Omega 2S GPIO´s disposed for this purpose. But in the diagram of the Onion Omega 2 I can´t find if there are GPIO´s to handle the yellow and green LED lights that the RJ45 connector has. Somebody knows if exists GPIO´s for this purpose? Wich are?

  • You write "Omega 2S" - are you actually referring to the new SMD Omega2S? If so, then the answer is yes: GPIO43 is configurable as direct LED output for Ethernet activity (and GPIO44 is the same for WiFi).

    On the Omega2 and Omega2S however, MT7688 pins GPIO43 and 44 are not exposed, so it does not work as easily.

    Linux' LED support has a plugin module kmod-ledtrig-netdev intended for showing network activity on any GPIO, so you might be able to use that. See here for info about kernel LED support. But I have no idea whether the Omega2's networking drivers actually provide a trigger source for that mechanism.

  • Hi luz
    I have same problem.

    I had installed opkg install kmod-ledtrig-netdev

    Now how i can use above package to configure any gpio for ethernet activity.


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