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Onion Omega2+ stopped working

  • Hi all
    I am using Onion Omega2+ with exp dock. It was working fine (using it to play with OLED screen), then one day is dead.

    Led is not coming up on Omega or dock itself (tried with different omega and dock works)

    Tried USBtoSerial but there is no response from Omega

    When Omega is connected to Dock is getting super hot, not touchable

    How to fix that?

  • @Marcin-Szterling said in Onion Omega2+ stopped working:

    (tried with different omega and dock works)

    If I understand well that expansion dock is working fine with another Omega and you have got also a probably dead Omega.

    @fossette wrote earlier in his nice [Tip] Switch the Omega to VERBOSE essay:

    But first, something not (yet) mentioned in the docs, ground yourself and perform a thorough visual inspection of all hardware pieces that you receive. Look for non-aesthetic solder blob on the board. I personally found some. Pin solder weren't touching but they were too close for comfort, IMO. To fix that, I used a soldering iron with the pin over the heated tip of the iron to let gravity fix the solder blob. Also, perform this basic test to see if you have any short circuit between ground pins, power pins and the other pins. Statistics from my purchase, 33% of the Omega2+ were affected by solder blobs. I wouldn't say 'sloppy', but it's definitely disappointing.

    I think this is the most what you can do without some decent service practice, special electronic instruments, hot air soldering station, etc.

    Please let me know if (and how to) you brought back it to life.

  • Did anyone reported something like that before? How long do I need to wait to get that replaced / repaired?

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