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Omega2 0.1.10 b160 wifi driver buffer overflow - kernel panic

  • Is your omega not working from the first time you have started it failing with:

    kernel panic - not syncing: stack-protector 
    Kernel stack is corrupted in: 82c1d944

    and bootlooping constantly? Than you take it somewhere else place and it starts and works just fine? It's shitty proprietary wifi driver! There is a bug in driver that causes crash on AP SCAN in some circumstances. Wifimanager script starts on omega2 on every boot and scans for nearby APs. It's done by issuing two commands:

    iwpriv ra0 set SiteSurvey=1
    iwpriv ra0 get_site_survey

    Driver (sic!) return's this cool fancy table with SSID's etc beaconing nearby. So there is field "SSID" and any one radio folk, even these cool programmers from ralink, knows that ssid should be no longer than 32chars so there is 32+1char space. BUT when you put in AP's SSID some NOT printable character it tries to print "0x" and then hex representation of that bytes... and sprintf it all in 32byte buffer... YEP everything longer than 15bytes crashes kernel and makes omega bootloop until this "badass" AP is out of range. Funny.

    Happy hacking und shitty proprietary driver crashing folks.

    Have any one of you will bought Omega2 if you hav knew before that it's one and only "working" wifi driver is closed source?!
    Me not.

  • @zal-to there are other builds you can use, but you would know that if you cared about finding solutions. btw, there is a new wifi driver under development by onion devs.

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