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Onion Omega2 Bootloader

  • Onion isn't releasing their Bootloader to the public.

    Anyone has the knowledge on how we can modify e.g. the linkit Bootloader to use the correct Serial Port? The Linkit uses Serial Port ttyS2, the Onion Omega2 ttyS0.

  • @kilobyte Modifying it is quite simple.

    The challenge is safely testing the modified version, since if you flash a bad version you don't really have any good way to replace it. It's even hard to get the shield can off without damage.

    I'm trying to remember if it is possible to TFTP and boot a version of U-Boot linked for RAM, from the resident flash version. If so that might be an option.

    Another idea could be to use a different module like a Linkit Smart which does expose the flash chip, for testing the bootloader before loading it on the more difficult to rescue Omega2.

    Incidentally, on at least the Linkit, the way Linux figures out the console serial port is to test which hardware UART was previously activated by U-Boot!

  • @Chris-Stratton Yes, I'm aware that a "hard brick" is possible šŸ™‚

    Can you share the information on how it's possible to change the UART Port for U-Boot?

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