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Can we have a Oboo Clock forum catergory?

  • Can we have a Oboo Clock forum catergory?

  • That would be great, especially for those of us who are getting the clock via indiegogo, and cannot access kickstarter updates. Requests for updates to the Onion team go unanswered..

    And based on the first comments I read from users, there may be a bug or two that needs to be reported.

    Its time for the Onion team to provide some support for this product..as a backer, not seeing the expected level of support in the least.

  • onion did set up this,
    although it appears to be under utilized by onion as well as users of oboo.

  • Thanks for that link.

    Sadly, the link to that discussion group is not publicized anywhere, in fact, I don't even see a link for it on the getoboo page.

    It may have been publicized on the kickstarter page updates, but those of us who ordered the clock via indiegogo are not able to see those updates.

  • @Don--White IIRC, they advertised it pretty early on in the general comments on the ks page or maybe one of the earlier updates. they used to put updates on indiegogo also but that december one was not. also, recently found this page which was setup by an oboo owner for exchanging info,

  • Yes, I found that link via the community page you pointed me to, and i also posted the community link in Indiegogo. Thanks for your help and the info.

  • @Don--White also, i just discovered that the dec update on kickstarter was added to the indiegogo site on 1/3/19 so the 2 platforms seem to have basically the same info now except for comments by backers. interesting to me is that kickstarter restricts access to the updates for non backers of the project thru ks , but indiegogo does not.

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