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Driving a 4.5v Solenoid with Omega2+

  • Wiring n00b looking for advice. Any pointers in the right direction are much appreciated!

    I have a 4.5v solenoid ( https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B013DR655A ) and I also have a MOSFET (TO220 Type Package, 60V, 30 Amp). I bought these a long time ago based on something I read online and likely misunderstood. ­čÖé

    What's the simplest way to run this? Can I use the 5v pin and be done? Or do I need to use a 3.3v, and use the MOSFET to boost the power?

    In either case, would I need to get a diode to protect things?

  • Go to the Amazon link you posted. Look in the Q/A section. The first Q/A I see is exactly your issue.

    One of the comments addresses, at least indirectly, your question on a protection diode.

  • @Jed-Wood i would think it is necessary to isolate the solenoid from the omega2 at the least with what is called a logic converter. this sparkfun one here,
    is bi-directional. and a diode is a good idea to keep the onion from any current higher than 3.3v . another way would be to completely isolate the two by having a 3.3 component trigger the 5v events so that the omega2 is not near the 5v circuit.

  • @Jed-Wood

    I guess the rated current of your solenoid about 1A at 4.5V so you could drive it with a separate DC 5v 2A power supply.
    (You should mesure its current: GND <-- solenoid <-- (- Ammeter +) <-- +5V power supply, Ammeter should be in 10A range.)
    The "power switch" is a logic level N channel FET.
    The D "snubber diode" is an 1N400x (say 1N4002) silicon diode - its Chatode at +5V.

    SparkFun MOSFET Power Control Kit
    N-Channel MOSFET 60V 30A

    Good luck!

  • Thank you all for the input! I assumed I would get email notifications of responses, and didn't think to check back until now. Unfortunately, I definitely fried an Omega2+ ! Ha! Oops. All part of the learning process I guess.

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