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xauth error?

  • I get an error just after I login as root.

    sh /usr/bin/xauth: not found

    I have checked the directory /usr/bin/ and it does not have xauth.

    Any ideas as to what it does? The system appears to be working fine.

  • Were you logging in via ssh? It could be that you have X11 forwarding turned on and as there's no X environment on the Omega, it's failing when trying to exchange credentials to set up forwarding.

  • Thanks fader,
    Went into advanced SHH settings and X11-forwarding was ticked. Unticked the box and no error.

  • Awesome, glad that fixed it. (Incidentally, that error won't cause any real issues so no worries if you want to leave X forwarding turned on for use in other applications.)

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