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Omega 2 datetime sync

  • hi, maybe someone has an answer to my problem; I'm doing a project with OMEGA 2 + and an ARDUINO DOCK, since I need the arduino sketch to have the correct date-time it occurred to me to do a python routine to move the date-time via UART (/dev/ttyS1) from the OMEGA to ARDUINO DOCK and it works fine, I added the routine to the boot sequence using the file the /etc/rm.local but the date-time that it returns is incorrect, apparently it is the last time before turning off (reboot) the OMEGA, I also verified that connecting via SSH during the boot sequence of the OMEGA and executing date command several times the date command will give me at the beginning an incorrect date-time and after several seconds it will be synchronized with the network I suppose, any idea?

  • The Omega2's do not have a real time clock (RTC).

    So at start up, they have a default time which increments until such time as a network connection has been established to the Internet. Once the Omega2 has sync'd to an NTP server, the time should be accurate per your Omega's timezone setting.

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