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Rotating the OLED display by 180 degrees

  • Can anyone help with the oled-exp command to flip the oled display around 180 degrees? I am using an SSD1306 128x64 display (not the onion oled) and everything works perfectly except it is upside down! :0

  • Figured it out...
    i2cset -y 0 0x3C 0xA1 0xC8

  • So I managed to rotate the screen 180 degrees but getting the text to read left to right is giving me a headache. Text displaying backwards now from right to left mirrored but bitmaps etc display correctly. Looking at other arduino/esp libraries i followed the same init sequence but no luck:

    sendcommand(0xA0 | 0x1);      //SEGREMAP   //Rotate screen 180 deg
    sendcommand(0xC8);            //COMSCANDEC  Rotate screen 180 Deg
    sendcommand(0xDA);            //0xDA
    sendcommand(0x12);           //COMSCANDEC

    Anyone familiar with the onion oled library that can point me in the right direction?

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