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  • Hi,

    Unless I missed something, the last Roadmap was up to July 2016. Is there any updates on what is in the pipeline. New modules in the works, software/firmware updates planned, etc


  • @Bas-Rijniersce Onion Omega2 Documentation - Known Firmware Issues:

    WiFi Issues
    No automatic support for TKIP-encrypted WiFi networks
    See this post on the Onion Community for an interim, manual fix
    Status: expect a fix in March
    No support for enterprise WiFi that requires a username and password
    Status: expect a fix in March
    No automatic support for WiFi channels 13 and 14
    Status: expect a fix in March

    Now I don't know when that page was last updated, the latest firmware is from March 2017, but "expect a fix in March" technically could mean March 2018.

    My Omega2+ was apparently delivered with a corrupted/missing firmware, so I haven't been able to test how/if mine works yet, but reading these forums, there are apparently quite a lot of folks with wifi issues (I do wish I'd taken the time to research the Omega2 a bit more before spending the last of my quite modest student budget on one) since early 2017 with basically no input from anyone associated with the project.

  • re: (new) product roadmap
    I would say, the priority #1 is to fix the existing product's bugs,
    as oppose to pushing for a newer product with THE fix.

  • i think that when onion decided to use the omega2s in the alarm clock that they decided not to release a public update to the omega2 thinking that it would reflect what the current problem status, if any, was with the alarm clock and might hurt sales.

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