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Omega2 can't recognise the SPI flash

  • Hi, I previously accidentally erased my flash with uboot, and don't have backups. So I decided to compile from this repo https://github.com/OnionIoT/omega2-bootloader new boot loader. Everything is ok, and I got uboot.bin

    After that I upload this uboot.bin to my SPI flash (it's a SOIC8 W25Q128FV) via flashrom, but flashrom couldn't upload it successfully because the firmware size didn't match flash's size, so I truncated this file to get expected size and tried again. Flashrom flashed the uboot.bin file and verified it without errors. Next, I soldered it back to omega2 (I remembered where was the key) and now my console shows only this

    0_1515155121897_Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 15.25.11.png

    I checked the soldered pins, everything is ok, maybe I missed something?
    And one more question: I found my old logs, there was W25Q128BV recognised chip instead of W25Q128FV (this is marked on the chip)

    Or may someone upload the backup of boot loader for omega2 (not plus)

  • @Ilya-Mordasov i am also facing same issue if u solve that issue can u share me that working firmware please.

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