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Has anyone tried to build gentoo linux on the onion omega?

  • I am seeing a bunch of issues when trying to install packages and it is like a road block in developement. I have purchased a 128 Gig Flash with USB extender and have the Omega booting per the tutorial into it.
    I am a fan of gentoo for development with portage to compile all the apps from source. What I am doing now is just wanting to chroot into it and do some stuff. I downloaded the wrong stage. So I am trying again using the mipsel4 to see if it will work. I have a feeling if we can get gentoo running on it. We can compile just about anything without much hassle. I would be interested in some input. I did see one guy has used uboot to freebsd. Freebsd is good but linux will have more driver support. ^JackB

  • Hi @Jack-Boling. First of all, I want to apologize regarding the issue with installing some packages. We are still working to resolve that issue.

    I've played around with gentoo a back in the days. I think directly running Gentoo off the Omega might be difficult, because you will need to compile all the packages from source, and the Omega won't have enough computing resources for that. One thing worth considering is extending the portage system to allow cross-compiling from a server. So when you run portage command on the Omega, it will instruct a server to download and compile certain packages, and then download the compiled binary to complete the remainder of the installation process.

  • Thanks for the quick reply it is tedius but the packages will be optimized to the processor. gentoo has a stage-3 I am just having some issues with getting the correct package. I think i figured it out I found a clue on freebsd's site. https://wiki.freebsd.org/AtherosMIPS
    so it looks like i need MIPS 24k (mips32r2)
    my next download to see if it will work.

    Would that be the correct processor type?


  • @Jack-Boling Yeah, the processor is MIPS 24k.

  • yikes i get illegal instructions

  • trying with mips32r2el/ MIPS32 (Little-endian, Release 2)

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