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RST pin on Omega2

  • I cannot find any documentation on the RST pin on Omega2 module.
    Does anyone know what it do and how can it be used?

    Kjell S.

  • I found some documentation about this pin in the data sheet for the AR9331.
    --- quote---
    7.5 Power On Sequence
    The AR9331 has an internal power on circuit
    reset. when all power inputs, including
    VDD33, VDD12 and VDD25, are ready, the
    RESET_L signal; will be released from low to
    high. This signal is connected to a digital
    counter which controls the digital reset and is
    released after 5 μs. When the digital reset goes
    from low to high, the CPU begins fetching
    instructions from the internal ROM or the
    external SPI in order to boot the system.
    --- end quote ----

    If I understand this correct this is an output that can be used to hold external chips in reset until power is good and CPU starts.

    Kjell S.

  • The Omega2 uses an MT7688. The AR9331 was used in the now discontinued original Omega.

  • Anyone got an answer?

    What is the difference between the two reset pins?

  • @Paul-Chidley Onion Omega2

    • RST pin is an active Low input for hardware reset
      The datasheet of Omega2’s SoC can be found here: Mediatek MT7688 Datasheet

    • FW RST pin is an active High input for software reset
      See also in the official Onion Omega2 Documentation Onion Omega2
      See also RESET BUTTON in descriptions of various Onion's Docks.

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