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Portable code pda?

  • Ok so I'm sure someone has beaten me to it... But I have a want to build essentially a tablet/pda/gameboy like device centered around the omega2+ mainly for coding, iot managment, goofing on.

    Now I know by the time I calculate labor, parts, snack, coffee, beer'thirty breaks it would have been easier/cheaper to buy something prebuilt.

    That is not the point though of this project.

    I want to do it just because call it... learning by doing if you will

    I'm just curious if some one has already Done it and if so get pointed in the right direction of where maybe to start or even obtaining help

    I Thank any and all for their time they spent reading this post and helping if they choose to in advance

  • Please treat this as a friendly advise:
    using the proper tools/SoC/system-resource budget for the proper application is a basic engineering principle and discipline.

  • @Caleb-Wiggins i'm wondering if it would be possible for the omega2 to update a "7 inch lcd on a timely basis required for tablet usage. i have yet to see a project do it but have read of a few using much smaller screens that it appeared the omega2 was choking from screen updates. so before anything else i would first try to get an omega2 to have a "7 lcd as a display of normal usage.

  • @Douglas-Kryder overload for updates could be mitigated to a point with a decent size memory card. Again I say to a point because you would have other constraints besides memory space to deal with but a 7" screen isn't terribly necessary especially if we treat it as a pda we can use a smaller screen .

  • @Caleb-Wiggins ok, if 7" is not it , then maybe 4"? same argument on my part. first you need to get a 4" screen working well enough with omega2.

  • @Douglas-Kryder fair enough in that aspect

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