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Need help in connecting SI7006-A20 sensor on Omega 2

  • Hi,

    i bought a Onion Omega2, Expansion, OLED module, Humidity and Temperature (SI7006-A20 HUMIDITY AND TEMPERATURE SENSOR ±5%RH ±1°C) sensor and methen sensor module from you since a long time but i'm unable to integrate them all in one piece.

    i'm trying to install the Temp & Hum sensor using smbus-cffi (https://pypi.python.org/pypi/smbus-cffi/0.5.1) but i get error as "OSError: [Errno 12] Out of memory" everytime. I don't find any other solution.

    I have already mount a 16GB pen drive, so there will be no memory issue.

    Please help me in resoloving this issue.



  • Is the SI7006 similar to the SI7021? I ask because there is a lot of arduino code for the si7021 and I also have a stripped down sample code I could potentially give you that you can initialize and read the sensor data.

  • type df -h and copy it here, maybe your "pen drive" is only as external storage and not setup properly.

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