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Power dock shuts down when no battery connected

  • Re: Power dock turning off after 30 minutes

    I can verify that my power dock has the problem reported in the referenced thread. With no battery attached, the dock shuts down after less than an hour. By "shuts down" I mean that the LEDs on the dock go dark and no power gets to the Omega. I need to remove the power connection and reconnect to get the dock and the Omega working again.

    However, if I plug a battery into the dock, the dock power LED lights, and power is BRIEFLY restored to the Omega. Then the Omega LED goes dark. If I plug in a battery BEFORE I apply power to the miniUSB port, then the dock behaves normally.

  • The Control IC (ACT2801) is specifically designed for:
    "Backup Battery Pack Manager" per its datasheet.

    It should provide some clue about operating such design without battery always connected to the circuit in the first place.

  • @ccs-hello As per the datasheet, the stated applications are:

    -Backup Battery Pack
    -Power Bank
    -Mobile Power
    -Standalone Battery Charger with USB Output

    I didn't see any statement that the circuit "requires" a battery to be connected. I might have missed it.

  • 0_1524177945918_act2801_battMgmt.jpg

  • @ccs-hello What is your issue, sir? Is this your IC design perchance? Thank you for pointing out the obvious, but the alternative applications bear some consideration. As a user of the board, I am just trying to get some clarification as to the proper use. If I need to attach a battery for proper operation, then so be it. But please do not simply circle a part of the datasheet without comment.

  • It's beyond my pay grade and I am out of this topic. Debate anyway you wanted.
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