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PC Repeatedly Disconnects/Connects with Access Point

  • I have an Omega 2+ running on an Arduino Dock 2. I've connected to the WIFI access point to flash the Arduino with the IDE, which typically works, but at random frequency, the PC I'm using disconnects from the wireless Access Point, then reconnects. I'm not connecting the Omega2+ to an external WiFi. This is after flashing the firmware with http://repo.onion.io.s3.amazonaws.com/omega2/images/omega2p-v0.2.0-b185.bin

    Any pointers?

  • @Matthew-Lousteau I got this problem too šŸ˜ž

  • For what it's worth, my experience with the 2+ is that it seems to have a slow wifi connection, more precisely it doesn't seem to have a very powerful tx/rx. It was actually causing my wifi AP (Ubiquiti) to switch down to half duplex due to the error rate. I moved the device within a metre of the AP and all my issues were solved.

    You may argue that my wifi AP was at fault but I tested on 3 different AP on my network and on a totally different wifi network at my office across town. If I monitor the wifi AP it will randomly switch to half duplex. If switch off the Omega, the AP will never switch to half duplex.

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