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Omega2+ constant issues

  • Hey,

    I am having countless issues with your device.

    The firmware has been updated to the latest version (using your guides)

    If I use a MicroSD card (no matter what card and I have many) on fresh flashing of the firmware you end up in a constant setup loop and/or index page with no console installed.

    When I setup the device without any form of SD card, it works fine. I then follow your guide to the T to expand/boot from MicroSd card, it then fails and back to index page. Having to reset and end up back in the setup loop again.

    When I setup without SD card all is ok except your apps work less than half the time with the web (on any browser on multiple OS types), your ethernet expansion dock fails to connect 9/10 times and is very sensitive to network cables.......

    The Wifi is very hit and miss sometimes working sometimes not... it refuses to connect to my local wifi when the ethernet board is on, this has again been tested on multiple network devices on different networks(locations).

    What is the issue? Do I need to return the product(s) to the store?

  • I'd suspect its the power supply problem, either the weak/no-good USB power source or lousy USB cable, or both.

  • I often have the same problem with the micro SD card.
    It happens when I factory reset my Omega with the SD card still mounted.

    What works for me:

    1. Remove SD card from omega.
    2. Factory reset
    3. Boot
    4. Follow https://docs.onion.io/omega2-docs/boot-from-external-storage.html
    5. Reboot
    6. check if you have more space.

  • Thank you for the suggestion with the power supply.

    This morning I have tried a number of different power supply units (including the official rPi3 plug and cable) and this allowed me to get the device setup and SD card expanded as per the guides.

    Issue now is the wifi looses connection to my home internet? The AP is still up but the 'second connection' to the router fails?

    If it helps, I use apple airport router and a number of AP. The wifi failed on both router/ap AND also failed when tethering to my mobile phone wifi hotspot?

    Now if I boot the device up with the ethernet expansion board connected (I use the expansion dock with my Omega2+) I can get network address/connectivity from my router/network. But again, remove the ethernet module and I am back to only having the ability to SSH/WebConsole via the Omega AP.

    Could this be power related?, The Omega is using the latest firmware available from the Onion repos and flashed using the onion guides.

    Many thanks šŸ™‚

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