How to disable access to failsafe mode

  • Hi,
    is there any way how to disable access to OpenWrt FAILSAFE mode? On Omega2+ with the last firmware.

    In the best without compiling my own firmware.

    Thanks Radim

  • I have not found how to disable it so I try to compile firmware but after reflashing i have some errors and Omega not booting.

    So i'm still searching how to disable it without compiling.

    Is any way how to change booting process where i can disable failsafe mode?
    I have found that booting process is saved in read-only partition squashfs and i don't know if is possible to change something there.

    I would like to use Onion Omega 2 for commercial use and i need to disable access to file system. Problem is that via failsafe mode and mount_root anybody can read and edit any content in device without password.


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