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Hologram and external connections

  • I followed the instructions to set up the hologram, it appears to be connected and working, but when I try to connect to the IP, I don't seem to get anywhere. I tried http, ssh and ping.

    This was using the instructions as worded at https://onion.io/2bt-using-hologram-expansion/

    So how do I actually go about connecting to it via the net?

  • OK, so I checked on the hologram dashboard and apparently they block incoming connections. They have downloads for something called 'spacebridge' but it won't run on arm. I tried installing the python version and it fails during setup.py for the requests install.

    So, is there a way to tunnel to it just using ssh or is this spacebridge proprietary crap absolutely necessary to connect to your device over the hologram service? If so, the service is rather useless to me - connecting to my own device was sorta the whole reason I got a cellular modem. The fact that I can't seem to do it without some proprietary wrapper software for which there is no open source is rather disappointing for something that is supposed to be a development platform.

  • If you take a look at https://hologram.io/docs/guide/cloud/spacebridge-tunnel/, about half way down the page it explains how to connect without using the Spacebridge tunnel software.

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